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About Sculpture Selection

a new leaf gallery | sculpturesite has assembled sculpture by some of the finest living artists. We frequently visit museums, galleries and sculptors' studios in all parts of the United States to look at new work. In addition, hundreds of sculptors contact us from around the world requesting our representation. We review thousands of mailed and e-mailed images annually to choose the most original contemporary works with the best design and craftsmanship.

We select the sculptors we wish to partner with based on artistic excellence and the artist's resume. Most of our sculptors have been included in fine art gallery shows and museum exhibitions in different regions of the United States and in other parts of the world. Their works have also been acquired by private, corporate and/or public collectors.

On some occasions, we choose to represent emerging sculptors whose vision is fresh and who have potential to become respected, established artists. Their work must be of high artistic merit and crafted with stellar workmanship.

After a sculptor has been selected, each piece we choose to display is carefully chosen for its intrinsic artistic value and craftsmanship, ensuring that all art selected is of the highest quality. We have exhibited most of the works displayed on our website in our galleries over the past 20 years, so we know the sculptures intimately and in person. This is why we guarantee the quality of the work we feature, unconditionally.