Metal and Wood Gun Sculptures

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GALE  HART Block Head - bronze sculpture by Gale Hart at Sculpturesite Gallery
Block Head
60 x 46 x 20 in
152 x 117 x 51 cm

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GALE HART Description

Gale Hart began her career with an enduring passion to compile components into a whole. A childhood fascination with creating objects out of nuts, bolts, scrap metal and wood evolved into an intensely energetic creative drive. From monumental canvases to meticulous graphite drawings and metal sculpture, Hart's repertoire of visual images grabs, engages and speaks volumes about universal humanity.

A narration characterized by humor, angst and sarcasm presents itself through a constantly evolving cast of characters in Hart’s two-dimensional work. Reminiscent of a candid snapshot, Hart captures an attitude at a particular place and point in time. The specifics of a personality are not as important as the condensed essence or vitality of expression. Through direct frontal gaze and exaggerated facial expressions, Hart conveys the difficulties of human interactions and the challenges of interpersonal communication.

The paintings as well as the sculptures initiate a visceral discourse with the viewer - the viewer is intrigued and pulled into the narrative of the subject matter. 

Hart approaches all of her work with an eye toward artistic sensibility and technical expertise. Never sure what the next series will bring, Hart states, "Keeping my art fresh is equally as important as my need to make art."

GALE HART Statement

"I’ve always had a fascination with creating objects out of nuts, bolts, scrap metal and wood since early childhood, hanging around my grandpa, who was a car mechanic. This early fascination evolved into an intensely energetic career for the past 40 years working as a contemporary self-taught artist.

I work in a wide variety of ways, from creating giant paintings on canvas, casting concrete and bronze to fabricating highly polished stainless steel and aluminum sculptures. My ideas often compel me to experiment with new processes and techniques, always making meticulous drawings along the way. I put long hours into my art and I am fanatical about achieving a masterfully crafted finished work.

I am driven to create work that focuses on the political and social issues of contemporary life, including the hypocrisy and injustices of this country. Over the years I’ve made work about animals rights, gun violence, the power of games and sports in shaping our culture, and the communication challenges of being in relationships.

In dealing with subject matter that can seem so heavy, I like to incorporate a bit of sarcasm or humor into each piece, often exaggerating the absurd. 

Regarding my body of work focused on firearms, I think the idea that weapons are needed to keep the peace is a disturbing concept. I wanted to explore this controversial topic in depth, so I decided to take a shot at participating in the gun culture while trying to remain receptive and detached. I began by attending a gun show and later arranged an opportunity to shoot a variety of firearms. Having a weapon in my hand I feel I finally got what "gun control" really is. I marveled at the seemingly "automatic" power I had while being armed and how easily I could have controlled the fate of another. While I understood the capability I had to keep the peace, I felt I also held the potential to simultaneously destroy it. The gun show I attended was a place where touching, holding and caressing is encouraged. This is where I witnessed gun lust first hand. My conclusion: there are no machines in the world that are so varied, so beautifully sculpted and yet equally so disturbing as firearms."


Solo Exhibitions
2014 "Unconcealed," Bash Contemporary, San Francisco, CA
2012 "Pop-Up Exhibition," a new leaf gallery | sculpturesite, Sonoma, CA
2012 "Show Some Emotion," Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2009 “Two Person Show,” Solomon-Dubnick Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2007 "Animal, Vegetable," The Conference Room, Beverly Hills, CA
2006 "Remember Me?," Roshambo, Healdsburg, CA
2006 "Fairy Tales," Toy Room Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2005 "Why Not Eat Your Pet," 1212 Gallery, Burlingame, CA
2005 "Why Not Eat Your Pet," Exploding Head Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2005 "Why Not Eat Your Pet," Varnish Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
2003 "Small Medium, & Large and The Friend’s Project," Exploding Head Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2003 "Inside Outside," Atelier 31 Gallery, Seattle, WA
2002 "Art One," Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2001 Excentrique Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2001 Zia, Berkeley, CA
2000 Excentrique Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1999 Gallery 8, Sacramento, CA
1999 Zia, Berkeley, CA
1999 Gallery 8, Sacramento, CA
1999 Auburn Art Center, Auburn, CA
1998 Excentrique Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1996 Excentrique Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1995 Studio 24, Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1995 Artistes Studio Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1994 Phantom Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, with ten472 Contemporary Art, Palm Springs, CA
2014 “Being Woman,” Sculpturesite Gallery, Sonoma, CA
2014 Context: Art Miami, with Gallery ten472, Miami, FL
2014 SOFA Chicago, with Gallery ten472, Chicago, IL
2014 Art Southampton, with Gallery ten472, NY
2012 "41st Marin Designers Showcase," with a new leaf gallery | sculpturesite at the Villa Belvedere, Belvedere, CA
2011 "Animal Dreams," a new leaf gallery | sculpturesite, Sonoma, CA
2011 “Sink or Swim,” a benefit show for sharks, Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2011 “Launch,” multimedia event, Sacramento, CA
2010 “Out of the Street and Into the Cube,” 491 Geary, San Francisco, CA
2009-2010 "New Works at A New Leaf," A New Leaf Gallery, Sonoma, CA
2009 "Form and Function," A New Leaf Gallery, Sonoma, CA
2006 A Bitchin’ Space, Sacramento, CA
2006 La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2005 The Toy Show, Studio Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2004 La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2003 La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2003 Artist and the Circus, Dean Jensen Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2003 Words Left Unsaid, Center for Contemporary Art, Juried exhibition, Sacramento, CA
2003 Inside/Out, Exploding Head Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2003 Five Northern California Artists, Osceola Gallery, Emeryville, CA
2002 Conceal/Reveal, Exploding Head Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2002 The Crocker-Kinsley, 73rd Exhibition, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA
2002 "Paper, Graphite, Metal and Beyond," Excentrique, Sacramento, CA
2002 "The Big Painting Show," Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA
2002 "Back in the Box II," Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA
2002 "The Superhero Show," CPOP Gallery, Detroit, MI
2002 "The Circus Show," CPOP Gallery, Detroit, MI
2002 "At the Heart of Red", Exploding Head Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2001 "Humor from the Flatlands," Artist Contemporary Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2001 "Humor from the Flatlands," Sheppard Gallery, Reno, NV
2000 Trash to Treasures, Oakland CA
1998 "Solomon Dubnick Gallery," Sacramento, CA
1995 Excentrique Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1993 Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Special Projects
2008 “The 2nd Annual Circus Show & Other Atrocities," conceived, curated and directed, Verge Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2006 “A Bitchin’ Space,” conceived, directed and participated, Sacramento, CA

Grants and Awards
2007 Best Visual Artist, Sacramento News & Review, Sacramento, CA
2004 Best of Show, Bold Expressions, Sacramento Fine Art Center, CA
2003 Juror’s Award, California State Fair, Sacramento, CA
2003 Direct Art, Spring/Summer 2003 Issue, Volume 8, 2003
2002 Best of Show, Bold Expressions, Sacramento Fine Art Center, CA
2002 Emerging Artist Grant, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, CA
1997 Award for Outstanding Artwork, Sacramento Fine Art Center, California State Fair
1996 New Works Grant, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Sacramento, CA

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