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JEAN PIERRE  RIVES Jean Pierre Rives steel i-beam sculpture at Sculpturesite Gallery
From the Series Ribbons of Memories
60 x 120 x 96 in
152 x 305 x 244 cm
JEAN PIERRE  RIVES Jean Pierre Rives steel Ribbons sculpture at Sculpturesite Gallery
72 x 150 x 61 in
183 x 381 x 155 cm

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Not long after retiring as captain of the French national rugby team in the early 1980s, Jean Pierre Rives met renowned sculptor Albert Feraud, who was creating abstract works using recycled stainless steel. This meeting kicked off a new adventure for Rives, who decided to channel his creative energy into transforming recycled steel beams into fluid, large-scale sculpture.

The bond between art and sport comes naturally to Rives, as he believes profound emotions are found in both. In his quest for resolution of a piece, Rives forms and twists the steel, then manipulates the shapes created by the resulting positive and negative spaces. Finally, he cuts the beams strategically to form complex compositions in which the hardness of the steel creates a polemic dialog with the soft curves.

Since 1990, Rives’ work has been showcased at venues around the world including the prestigious Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, the annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibitions in Australia, and the Gateway to the United Nations in New York City.



“I seek to bring lightness to that which is heavy, romanticism and poetry to that which is rigid, and ultimately to create a result that links innovation with energy. My sculptures are indicative of reality: their rust marks a measure of time which honors the past while celebrating the future.”


Solo and Group Exhibitions
2010 "sculptureWALK," a new leaf gallery | sculpturesite, Sonoma, CA
2010 Galerie Adler, Paris 2010 Blagnac Airport, Toulouse
2010 City of St. Maxime, France
2010 Carmel Highlands, Carmel, CA
2010 Chateau de l’Hospitalet, Narbonne, France
2010 Serge Sorokko Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2010 Das Hammarskold Plaza, Gateway to the United Nations, New York, NY
2010 Grand Round, Toulouse, France
2010 Galerie Art Present, Paris, France
2009 Sergo Sorokko Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2009 Galerie Adler, Paris, France
2009 Parc Royal, Brussels, Belgium (outdoor public exhibition)
2009 Grimaud, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2009 Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition, Perth, Australia
2008 Galerie Sparts, Paris, France
2008 Museum of Asago Art Village, Japan
2008 L’Elephant Gallery, Ibiza, Spain
2008 Gomboc Galllery Sculpture Park, Perth, Australia
2008 Richard Martin Art, Sydney, Australia
2007 Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition, Sydney, Australia
2007 St. Tropez, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2007 Montreuil, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2007 Sports Galerie, Paris, France
2007 Rugby World Cup Commemorative Sculpture, Musée Quai Branly, Paris, France
2007 Aix-en-Provence, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2007 ‘Rives Sur Berge’, Lyon, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2007 Gomboc Gallery, Perth, Australia
2007 Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition, Perth, Australia
2006 Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition, Sydney, Australia
2006 Limoux, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2006 Roquebrune, Argens, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2005 Montauban, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2005 Carcarsonne, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2004 Castres, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2004 Montauban, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2003 Mont Luçon, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2003 Musée Bayonne, Bayonne, France
2003 Maison Elsa Triolet-Aragon, Saint Arnoult, France
2002 Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France
2002 Clifden, Ireland (outdoor public exhibition)
2002 Cité d’Eymoutiers, France (outdoor public exhibition)
2001 Hôtel Royal Palm, Mauritius Island, France
2001 Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris, France
2000 Galerie Vibration, Paris, France
1999 Michael Gallery, Ibiza, Spain
1998 Stern Grove Park, San Francisco, CA (outdoor public exhibition)
1997 Worth Fine Art, New York, NY
1997 Bernard-Biderman Gallery, New York, NY
1996 Galerie des Cyclades, Antibes, France
1996 City Hall, Sanary, France (outdoor public exhibition)
1996 City Hall, Marseille, France (outdoor public exhibition)
1996 ‘Champagne bis’, Los Angeles, CA
1996 A.F. Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1996 Galerie des Minimes, Brussels, Belgium
1996 Les Ateliers, Thorigny, Paris, France
1995 City Hall, Le Chesnay, France (outdoor public exhibition)
1995 Galerie 10, Paris, France
1995 Les Ibis, Le Vésinet, France (outdoor public exhibition)
1994 Galerie Régis Dorval, Le Touquet, France
1993 Galerie Rome, Grenoble, France
1993 Maison des Arts, Châtillon, France
1992 Galerie Prébet, Roanne, France
1992 Galerie les Remparts, Toulon, France
1991 Galerie de Chaulnes, Paris, France
1990 Parly 2, Le Chesnay, France (outdoor public exhibition)
1990 Palais de l’Europe, Le Touquet, France

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