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Tool-Box, 2010

WALL SCULPTURE steel and glass  
29 x 29 x 7 in
74 x 74 x 18 cm

"Most commercial slumping is done with a mold," said Shaffer in a statement written to accompany her major Boston showing of the Tool-Wall, "but I like to work with chance." Elaborating on the mid-air slumping process she pioneered, Shaffer added:

"The structural system I create allows the glass to move with fluidity and freedom you can't possibly envision or create with a mold. Because I work with gravity, the strongest unknown force in the universe, I say I work with nature. I call this the 'female principle' in the Jungian sense; the idea of yielding and joining forces with nature, versus the 19th Century attitude of 'man over nature.' This is the fundamental philosophy behind my glass work."

The sculpture includes the wood wall-mounted case.

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