It is well documented that art placed in healthcare facilities promotes healing by providing distraction from pain and anxiety, substantial stress reduction, positive imaging and other benefits to patients, family and health workers. Evidence-based designs for hospitals now most often promote an art program including sculpture because of the potential scale and power of 3D art, which is especially effective in hospital entries, lobbies, and healing gardens. Please see below a sampling of healthcare installations by Sculpturesite sculptors.

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"If an art installation gets a patient out of his room or … takes a person's mind off their pain and lower their stress levels, the art isn't just decorative anymore. It's part of the entire model of care."
- Dr. Lisa Harris, internist and chief executive of Eskenazi Health, affiliated with the Indiana University School of Medicine

"Art in hospitals does so many different things for different people."
- Joanne Cohen, executive and curator of the art program at Cleveland Clinic's Arts & Medicine Institute

• Sculptures, especially kinetic or interactive, help reduce stress by providing positive distraction and allowing staff to recharge.
• Sculptures can depict hope, care and human endurance and enhance branding.
• Sculptures, especially when they are colorful, make the hospital less intimidating.
• Prominent Sculptures serve as landmarks for patients and visitors.